Friday, December 30, 2011

Stealing A Second

I have about 2 seconds but I wanted to document a few things going on with me and the family and things I want to expand on later.

1. This first couple weeks have been both hard and wonderful. Probably like 100% wonderful with bouts of difficultly. Thoughts of Gus are right at the surface without overtaking my love and awe of Pearl. More on those emotions later.

2. Pearl is the sweetest little babe you ever did see. At this very moment, she's kicking and playing quietly right next to me, allowing me this tiny bit of time to document things. And while she's a active little thing, she's also very mellow and easy to comfort. I'm 100% breastfeeding which I've never done before and Pearl is pretty much a champ and we are both doing well with it.

3. My family has been here all week and we have been having so much fun together. Wii and movies and card games and hilarious moments have all been shared and I'm gonna be sad to see everyone leave tomorrow.

4. I turned 27 on Wednesday and Jenna made me stuffed shrimp for my birthday dinner. It was amazing. I spent pretty much the rest of the day snuggling Pearl as much as I could which was my gift to me.

And 5. We are almost 2 weeks in with no extreme signs of Post Partum Depression, folks! I'm just trying to enjoy each moment I'm not depressed and hope this feeling will last.

Ok, Pearl is ready for attention. In a few days I'll update more on emotions and how having a new baby has affected me.


Sadie said...

She is so sweet! I wish I could hold her! So glad you both are doing well, Mel!!

grandmasmith said...

You are always in my prayers that you won't have any problems with depression. I'm so happy that things are going well, so far. Much love...

Neff Family said...

That's wonderful. All of it =) I hope we get to see each other this month! Maybe I might get to sneak over and sniff Pearls baby essence. I could bribe you with a book...let me know! I'd love see you =)