Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pearl's Blessing Day

Because my whole family was here and Robby's family is always
readily available to us, we decided to bless Pearl on Christmas Day in our home.
It was so wonderful and Robby did such a great job.
And being surrounded by family always makes an event more special.

Thanks to Phil, Brady, my dad, Steve, Grandpa Holmes,
Tim, Gary and Bishop Bawden for helping us bless our new little girl.

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crazy lady said...

Oh that's lovely! Too have so many special people there to share in that experience. That is a great photo of the three of you- you all look well and happy. (I also,like the wedding photo in the background :0)
Sad to see your mom go I bet- but you'll do well, you're very capabale and you have two great helpers...