Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The General Report

You must forgive my inept blogging on account of the fact that our Pearl has been colicky and I honestly have no idea where the time during the day goes anymore. One day, I'll feel totally in control and like I can start to manage and maybe start to think about a routine. The next day, Pearl will decide to take 40 five minute naps and need me to hold her all day.

I'm doing a lot of bouncing and sighing and soothing and crying. I am pretty sure everyone is being generally taken care of but I'm basically just in survival mode at this point. Luckily, my girls give me moments like the one captured above and it makes all the previous frustration and exhaustion seem to melt away. Those are the moments I wait for and I get a few in a day when I'm paying attention. I count that as a win.

So we're all alive and well, it seems but several things have fallen by the wayside and I'm ok with that. We are happy and healthy and I really cannot ask for anything more. And while we've got it, I intend to enjoy it so you'll understand why I'm here less often. (These excuses are more for my own peace of mind than yours. I really needed some written down, valid reasons for not documenting my life as well as I use to, and I feel good about those stated above.)


Laura said...

I love their little faces. Sounds like you got it all under control. You have it just right let things go that can go.

Neff Family said...

Girls night could not come sooner enough. You're coming right? RIGHT?! I think survival mode is needed for the first 18 months of an "infants" life. I feel like I'm JUST getting the swing of things with Chloe...Laura's right. Sounds like you got it all under control. =)

Mares said...

Pearl is so big!! And smiling! Your girls are adorable! I just want to squeeze little Pearl. She is a doll!