Saturday, March 17, 2012


That's pretty much all we're doing over here is surviving each day as it comes, good or bad.

Gracie just finished spring break where she spent each day this week at a near by farm learning and playing and getting filthy as all get out. Next week she is the "Special Somebody" in her class so she's making a poster of her favorite things in the above picture. We're also excited to celebrate how special she is in our family.

Pearl gets cuter by the day and we love having her in our family, too. She's had a cold/cough this week so it's been rough going but she always has her fun and adorable moments. She's now 3 months old and still struggling to find a routine but she sleeps through the night which makes me a grateful mama.

I have been trying to keep my balance but it really has been difficult. At least I have no post partum depression and I've been back at the gym for about a month now, which I really enjoy. Home organization is extremely low on my list of priorities so it's pretty disastrous around here, but as long as I can do a load of laundry (whether it's actually cleaning the clothes or just prepping them for the washer) and make some sense of the dishes each day, I feel somewhat accomplished.

Robby has been amazing and accommodating and understanding and almost everything you could ask from a husband. We have our moments but really, who doesn't.

So there it is. I'm alive and hoping I will be able to find my balance soon.

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Neff Family said...

Whoa! You do dishes? You're kickin' my trash. You have the sweetest daughters. You should bring them over here some night and go out on a date with your hubby. Or we could double and leave the kids to fend for themselves ;)