Friday, April 20, 2012

Pearl in April

April marks 4 months of life with Pearl. Here are a few things about her at this stage:
  • She loves to chew on her hands and feet.
  • She drools more than I ever thought a single baby could.
  • She has been sleeping through the night consistently for the past month now! What a blessing.
  • She smiles like crazy but she only gives a small happy grunt as a laugh for now.
  • She's stiff but more cuddly than Gracie ever was.
  • She knows her family members and we love her immensely.
Meanwhile, it's getting hot here. We're scheduled to hit triple digits tomorrow. I guess I'm ready for it. Nothin else to do but manage and move forward, which is basically our motto for every day living.

1 comment:

Neff Family said...

Hehe, "Pearl in April", I love it. "Paris in Spring". I had so much fun the other night.