Sunday, May 13, 2012

Who I Mother


Gracie, Gus and Pearl

I'm having a great Mother's Day
and I'm one lucky mama to have
such adorable children.

Gracie wrote me her very own Mother's Day card
all by herself, and she's been saying
"I love you, mom!" and "Happy Mother's Day!"
all day long. It's been wonderful.

Pearl has been snugly and cuddly
and laughing like crazy.
Plus, she's been a great sport about
letting me pinch her chubby cheeks
and yummy, squishy thighs.

And I'm grateful for the knowledge that
I will not only be able to see Gus someday,
but I will also be able to raise him.
Thank goodness for the gospel.

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aj said...

Hi Mel. Love Ya!