Thursday, August 9, 2012

School Starts

I'm feeling like a less than stellar mom for not taking a better "1st Day of 1st Grade" picture but Pearl was having a bad morning and things got chaotic. So Robby snapped this picture of Gracie as she walked out of her room. She was excited and had a great first day. The teacher said she was only a little chatty.

Pearl, under the care of her father, fell off the bed Tuesday night.
We noticed something hurting her right away but decided to
wait until the next day to do anything about it.
She had a rough morning on Wednesday and I decided to take
her to the doctor just to check and make sure.
Her poor left hip hurts her when it's moved too much
but it's more than likely not broken.
So she sprained her little hip falling off the bed
and the doctor also found an ear infection in her left ear.
It's just not her week!

Luckily, she's too happy to be bothered too much with
irritating things such as pain and
it's still easy to get a smile out of her.
She's just a little more clingy than usual and
really, who could blame her.

Another school year started
and I'm feeling good about it.

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