Monday, September 10, 2012

Gracie's Tooth

Last Friday, Gracie finally lost he first tooth. It was quite an ordeal but ended up being such a good experience for her. She was so glad when the tooth fairy gave her a dollar, that she wrote the tooth fairy a thank you note! What a grateful girl.

Meanwhile, school has actually been a little tougher these days. She is a sass and needs to know the reason for everything we ask her to do. Her favorite phrase is, "But Mom..." and we recently came to find out that was Robby's favorite phrase as a child, too. (Thanks a lot, Robby.)

It started to feel like we were starting over with a whole new ADHD diagnosis, but since she is older, it's a little easier for her to know what is expected of her. She still doesn't want to do it and she still asks why she has to do it and if she could just take a day off from chores, but will end up doing it eventually, even if it is hours later.

She's also recently started loving Pearl more and more. Pearl thinks the world of her and Gracie has asked me a couple times, "When is Pearl gonna wake up from her nap so I can play with her?" It warms my heart. I'm especially trying to enjoy this stage where they love each other because I know it will soon be over and Pearl's sass with collide with Gracie's. Those are gonna be fun days.

So we keep on going, taking everything one day at a time. I've been having more headaches than usual and even more migraines than usual which I am just assuming has something to do with my TMJ. I am going to get my first appliance tomorrow and they said the pain should stop about 10 days after that so I'm literally counting the days.

I've also started training to be a Karve Instructor. I had no idea how hard it would be to find time during the day to study. I'm hoping things work out and I don't get too overwhelmed.

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Amy Shupe said...

It is soooo exciting when they lose their first tooth. I am glad your tooth fairy brings a dollar too. Madi always asks why the tooth fairy only gives her a dollar when other kids have gotten 5! My nephews have ADAH and it seems like every new school year they go through another adjustment till things eventually settle down. Good luck and hang in there. I hope your headaches get better.
Amy Shupe