Friday, October 26, 2012

Trip to the Library

Pearl is officially crawling and I'm finding all kinds of things that babies love to eat off the floor. Plus she is way to big for my liking. I hate how fast time goes with babies. But such is life.
Gracie got a great report from her teacher at parent/teacher conferences yesterday. I feel good about where she's at and the things she's doing. Only a few minor things to tweak, but nothing to go to the principal's office over, thank goodness.
Robby is working hard as ever. We wish he was home more often but we have no control over that so we choose not to complain. Too much.
Meanwhile, I am busier than I have ever been since I've been married to Robby (which will be 8 years next Tuesday). I'm working at the Karve Studio on Friday and Saturday mornings, I have 2 days of 2 hour classes for training to become a Karve instructor, and I'm required to take at least 3 classes and observe at least 2, plus I'm given assignments for every time we meet. I'm also a ward missionary and I have various commitments in that area. And on top of that, the holidays are quickly approaching along with all the various activities that go with those. I have a commitment almost every single day, which I am not used to so it's taking some adjusting, mostly mentally.
Mentally speaking, it seems to be touch and go. I'm good one day and a basket case the next. But I feel like there is nothing to be done. There seems to be no room for depression or anxiety in my schedule making the end of my days even more anxious and depressing. There seems to be no answer.
On top of all that, I've still been having an inhuman amounts of migraines. My dentist has started me on a a system of shots in my jaw and temples to try and reduce them. I don't want to jinx the procedures so I'll just say they are hit and miss. And painful.
There is just a lot going on and a lot of days when I get home from doing all my what-not, I want to lay in bed and ignore the world, especially when I have a headache/migraine. But I keep on moving somehow.
I think it's the deep breathing I try to use to cope. Who knows. Now I'll get back to trying to maintain my house while I'm utterly exhausted.
Ok, thank you for attending my pity party.
Carry on.

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