Friday, January 11, 2013

A Real Date

Last Saturday was the first date Robby and I had since the disastrous anniversary date of October 30th, 2012. And it was wonderful. We had a lovely double date with some wonderful friends who were witnesses to the very first days of our courtship, Robin and Trent. We always have fun together and that night was no exception. They even tolerated my incessant checking of the playoff game.

Christmas brought the delivery of treats which brought the acquaintance of our neighbors, more specifically the 16 year old girl who lives there. She babysat for us that night and the girls absolutely loved her. We've never had a consistent babysitter before so it felt like a miracle that such a good one would move in right next to us.

Meanwhile, I have a job! And I love it! I finished training and started working on January 2nd and it's all been uphill from there. It's such a fun atmosphere and I believe in what I do so much, it's easy to enjoy it and want to help people achieve their goals. It's so much different as an actual teacher. Being able to see people who are there making an effort to do something better for themselves and being able to be the person that can specifically help them with that is pretty amazing. I'd never thought of the "helping people" aspect until I taught my first class and my instinct was to give everyone the best workout possible so they could achieve the results that I know Karve can give them.

Other than that, Gracie has decided she wants to be a soccer star when she grows up and Pearl is trying squirrel up her courage to walk. We're just a regular ol' thriving family from the suburbs.

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