Monday, January 21, 2013

Why Two Kids Make Me a Better Mother

I've been thinking about having two kids as opposed to the one I've had for several years now. When it was just me and Gracie, I felt a lot like I was one foot in, one foot out of the mothering business. I didn't know that was how I felt until just this past week when Pearl has started to become her own independent person.

Now I'm watching to little children become two different people and it makes me feel so much more like I matter as a person and as a mother. They are each unique and are in such completely different stages, I can enjoy each stage knowing the other isn't there yet or hasn't been there yet. I love spending time with Gracie just talking to her and listening to her talk about her day or read me a book because Pearl doesn't give me that type of interaction. And I love snuggling and holding and helping Pearl along and watch her reach all those first milestones of the first year because Gracie has passed all those different exciting moments.

It was such a relief to realize this this past week because it was such a hard week for me. It gives me such hope and excitement for the future knowing there are so many things to come and I don't have to wonder when I'm going to start just LOVE being a mother. I can start enjoying it from a different perspective of each of my children. I feel like that makes me a better mother right now even if I never get to the point of other mothers.

Mostly, I'm just grateful for this new revelation. Finding a new way to enjoy life is something worth writing about.


Anjanette said...

I love this post & totally agree. Having two kids means that I'm not constantly worrying about just one. It would drive poor Jackson crazy if I were constantly giving him ALL of my attention ALL the time.

Tia Langston said...

Thanks for this you!

Neff Family said...

I love these revelations. I'm so grateful you feel your worth, because your girls adore you. No doubt about it. Love you.