Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Lots going on in our family!

• Played soccer all fall and, despite losing every game, has kept a positive attitude. 

• Has chosen to be baptized when she turns 8 on the 13th! We are so proud of her. She's all set for next Saturday, followed by a fun birthday party. 

• Got glasses! She loves being able to see details and the smart board at school. 

• Is reading at a 3rd grade level. We could not be happier with her progress in school. 

• Will be 2 on the 18th! (And I'm starting to feel the pressure of two December birthdays.)

• Talks nonstop and repeats everything we say. We love it and she loves that we are starting to understand her. 

• Knows almost all her letters already, thanks to the ABC apps she frequents on the iPad. I've been pleasantly surprised by the things she knows!

• Continues to work at Brimley's White Glove Chem Dry and is doing very well there. 

• Started Cross Fit. He enjoys the workouts; I enjoy the muscles. 

• Was called to building maintenance specialist in our church building. It's growing on us. 

• Still working as a Karve instructor and still loving it. 

• Still a ward missionary and I also play the organ once a month. 

• Do my best to maintain balance and order in the home by consulting with and bringing in outside help (that I'm eternally grateful for).

That's our update! We are all happy and healthy and loving our life here in Arizona. 

We hope this holiday season finds you all happy and healthy as well.

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