Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ADHD Gracie

Gracie surprises me almost every single day.

Sometimes in good ways, sometimes in bad ways. But the good ways outweigh that bad 100 to 1.

We assumed she had some kind of attention disorder almost from the minute I could feel her kicking in my tummy. She would never quiet down and her kicks were substantial to boot.

When she was born she was constantly moving and stretching and couldn't hold still unless she was swaddled. She was like that all the way until preschool where she started to learn to harness her constant movement.

When she hit Kindergarten, it was obvious she needed some help with her focus so we had her tested. When she was diagnosed with ADHD we started her on medication and never looked back. It's been amazing for her self-esteem.

I'm so grateful for modern medicine and good that it has done our sweet, hyperactive daughter. Today, she starts her Young Rembrandts art class after school and I cannot wait to see what she draws for us. The imagination and detail in her work are pretty amazing for an 8 year old.

I find it fascinating how much I enjoy parenting her the older she gets. As a baby/toddler/little kid, she was extremely hard and learning to cope with all her extra energy was quite a challenge for me. But now that I can talk to her and we can discuss things, it's become so much easier to understand and help her. I never thought I'd enjoy this stage of her life as much as I enjoyed her as a little tiny baby, but I'm surprised to say I think I enjoy it more.


Laura said...

I have always liked your Gracie, she is a spunky one. When I saw her activity days yesterday I couldn't believe it she is 8 growing up so fast.

Neff Family said...

I know what you mean. I never, ever thought I could have this kind of relationship with Kem. I'm so grateful for it! Love Gracie Lou!